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The Alaska Writers Guild is pleased to announce six writing contests for AWG members this calendar year.  The awards, described below, will be announced and presented at the monthly meeting following the competition deadline.

Awards Will Be Given to the Top Three Stories/Poems

  First Place:       $50 and a certificate, sponsored by Nan and Cam Potts
  Second Place:   $35 and a certificate, sponsored by Barry Dearborn
  Third Place:     $20 and a certificate, sponsored by Kathleen Claiborne

Contest Genres

***Entries must be received by midnight on the fifth of the month specified below:

Fiction  February  August
Alaskan Mystery
Rhyming Poetry December

Contest Rules:

Updated 03-22-17,  See notation in red & grayed shaded areas

Click Filenames and Content for submission files naming and formats

1. Email both entry files, as attachments, to Biographical or other information not requested will not be read or retained

2. Please put "BI-MONTHLY WRITING CONTEST FOR MEMBERS" in the subject line.

3. Entries must include a cover sheet containing the author's name, email address, genre, date of contest deadline and word count. This must be submitted as a separate attached file (PDF preferred, Microsoft Word okay). Click on Filenames and Content link above.

 4. Entries containing any reference (or hint) to the author's identity within the submitted  story will be disqualified.

5.  Obscene, offensive, defamatory, or libelous entries will be disqualified.

6. Text must be double-spaced, Times Roman type face, at font size 12 with standard one inch margins.

7. Do not include art, any picture inserts or attach any other embellishment files, unless the contest specifically allows such.
8. Only one entry per member per bi-monthly contest period.

9. Prose entries must be no longer than 2,500 words (not including the title). Include the word count on the upper right corner of the first page. Include page numbers at the bottom of each page of the submission.

10. Poetry entries may be required to be composed about a topic provided in the announcement. Currently, there is no word limit. The form is rhyme; (blank verse has been abandoned)

11. Entries must be entirely the work of the entrant and must never have been published or have won a prize in any other competition.
12. Late entries and those not meeting the above criteria will be disqualified.
  Again, please submit both cover sheet and story files as separate PDF email attachments, however, Microsoft Word files will be accepted.

13. Humor has been discontinued A new theme will be published by April 5th.  Humor (added April 13, 2015) can be either a short story (fiction or non-fiction, of 1000 words or less) or poetry. Spoofs on the human condition, hilarious sequence of events, and the like will be a key component in judging.  The better you entertain; the better your chances if your writing skill shine through. Name the genre 'Humor'.


Judges will not see the cover sheet, or otherwise learn of the author’s identity. Each judge will return to the coordinator, their scoring for each submitted entry.  The coordinator sums all the total scores from participating judges, and then ranks the entries from highest to lowest by totals.  The three highest scores will receive certificates and checks. For poetry, the above will be applied but evaluation is largely subjective.  Below is the judging rubric adopted February 2015:

Alaska Writers Guild 
Writing Contest Scoring Form 

Title:                   <name of story or poem>


Subjective:      Characterization:         Dialogue:         Description:     Conflict:         

 Maximum:         6 points           8 points                             6 points           6 points              6 points

Grade:                 <score>          <score>                          <score>         <score>            <score>


Plot:                 Pacing:            Continuity:      Text:                Technique:

Maximum:        4 points           4 points           4 points           6 points           10 points

Grade:                <score>          <score>       <score>          <score>         <score>

Total Score:    < sum of scores > / 60

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