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Congratulations to our winners!

2023 QUARTERLY WRITING CONTEST IN nonfiction/memoir:

First Place

Alex Otto, "What to Talk About When My Ex Messages Me After Twenty Years"

Second Place

Julia Bedell, "Return of the Sun"

Third Place

Valerie Van Brocklin, "Blind Redemption"


First Place

Helena Fagan, "Song of Miriam"

Second Place

Lindsay Belle Sobolik, "The Worst Martini"

Third Place

Jill Marcotte, "Bookish Drabble"

Contest Archive

2023 Winners

1st place:
Alex Otto, "What to Talk About When My Ex Messages Me After Twenty Years"
2nd place: Jill Bedell, "Return of the Sun"
3rd place: Valerie Van Brocklin, "Blind Redemption"

2022 Winners

1st place: Helena Fagan, "Song of Miriam"
2nd place: Lindsay Belle Sobolik, "The Worst Martini"
3rd place: Jill Marcotte, "Bookish Drabble"

Children's Literature
1st place: Stefanie Tatlias, "The Whale and His Boy"
2nd place: Christian Shane, "Steelhead Survivor"
3rd place: Richard Goldstein, "The Storm Child"

1st place: Lesley Hammer, "It's Over"
2nd place: Richard Goldstein, "In the Hallway"
3rd place: Cynthia Bethune, "The Rowan Tree"

1st place:
Richard Goldstein, "Cross Town Buses"
2nd place: Jill Morgan, "Losing Dixie"
3rd place: Georgeie Reynolds, "September in Fairbanks"

2021 Winners

1st place: Margaret Adsit, "Pomegranate"
2nd place: Denise Olmstead, "Nigh Sounds"
3rd place: Michael Mitchell, "Forecast"

1st place: Jill Marcotte, "Spark and Shadow"
2nd place: Jaclyn Bergamino, "Cassiopeia"
3rd place: Don Neal, "To Kill a Raven"

1st place: Alex Otto, "Laborious"
2nd place: Kevin Randall, "Life Lessons"
3rd place: Logan Lott, "Jacob"

Children's Literature
1st place: Logan Lott, "Dawn of the Disconnected"
2nd place: Carla Sabotta, "Riding a Space Elevator"
3rd place: Richard Goldstein, "On Thin Ice"

2020 Winners

1st place: Kellie Doherty, "Curling Vines & Crimson"
2nd place: Alex Otto, "Unbuilding"
3rd place: Jill Marcote, "Anathema"

1st place: Alexandra Otto, "No Words"
2nd place: Barbara Johnson, "Goodbye Dolly"
3rd place: Don Neal, "Pockets"

Children's Literature
1st place: Kirsten Randall, "Kid Smarts Detective Agency"
2nd place: Christian Shane, excerpt from "Salmon Survivor"
3rd place Kenni Linden, "Hank the Crabby Unicorn"
Honorable Mention: Art Carpenter, "Lily's Sojourn"

1st place: Kenni Linden, "Salmon Berries and Saag Aloo"
2nd place:
MoHagani Magnetek, "for colored ladies who considered pull-tabs with their last two dollars: An ode to Ntozake Shange and Johnnie Taylor...a choreopoem"
3rd place: Tiffany Creed, "Dinner Dinner"

2019 Winners

1st place: Kenni Psenak Linden, "Perennial"

2nd place: Steven Martin, "Revelation"
3rd place: Tamara Holman, "My Big Brother's Shadow"


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