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Interior Chapter Monthly Meeting Schedule

  • 20 Mar 2012
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Bear Gallery/ Pioneer Park in Fairbanks

Membership and guests meet every third Tuesday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at Bear Gallery/ Pioneer Park in Fairbanks.

Great writers, good writers, new writers, young writers, old writers, fiction writers, fantasy writers, poetry writers, non-fiction writers, magazine writers, comic book writers, song writers, drama writers, and would be could be should be writers.

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September gave us Amber Thomas, or should I say Amber Thomas gave us September’s meeting. Either way it’s said, Amber Thomas gave us two hours of her life, her work, her warmth, her knowledge, her ability to make this writing monster we all bow to a little more easily managed. We had a nice number of attendees; the program deserved a hundred.
In October, Gerri Brightwell took us back in time to Merry Old England where we met a household of people not so different than many we meet today. If you haven’t read The Dark Lantern, I am returning it to the University library today, after Carol took it away from me so she could read it first, and it will be available for everyone else who might not have had the pleasure. Another amazing informative program and, even with some of our normal crowd now slipped away for winter, another good number of attendees, but the quality of the program deserved a hundred. It is nice to see new faces every month and hope all will continue to attend. It is also nice to see how the crowd lingers a little longer after each meeting sharing experience and providing encouragement. 
In November we have a different kind of program, a chance to put your work out in public and hear the feedback that helps light the way forward. Bring a writing of 800 words or less (three, double spaced pages, or less) poems, stories, parts of stories, fiction or non, first draft or last, anything your want to share. We’ll all listen, experts and us regular mortals alike, and share out thoughts. Be sure to bring yours along or at least attend for the fun. Any work we don’t get to will be saved for future meetings. Don’t miss this chance to share with your peers.
We also, this month have a short, but wonderful interview, via cd disc, with Chilean-born Isabel Allende (The Island Beneath the Sea.) And of course let’s not leave out Thanksgiving treats to share while we linger to share our experiences.
Don’t miss it on Tuesday, November 15, at Bear Gallery/Pioneer Park, 7:00 PM. The regulars will be there, join us for the fun. 


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