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Elyse Guttenberg


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Elyse Guttenberg took to the highway and headed north from New York to Fairbanks, Alaska when she was in her 20's, and has been living and writing there ever since. She received a Fellowship in Literature from the Alaska State Council on the Arts, and her first novel SUNDER, ECLIPSE AND SEED was shortlisted for Best First Fantasy from the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts. SUMMER LIGHT and its sequel DAUGHTER OF THE SHAMAN are prehistories set in Alaska, 2000 years ago.

Visit her website, contact her, and learn more about writing and living in Alaska at Check out her newest novel, THE POWER WE SHARE. It's filled with pirates and witches, stolen magic on land, and battles at sea.
Title 1
Cover Image
The heist is on. Molly Sinclair is a pirate and a witch, and if there’s a chance at gold, she’s going to take it.

The isles are a magical world, bordered by ice but never cold. A world where everyone is born human or witch, and magic is the currency of choice. Spells are bought, packaged and sold by the powerful witches’ guild and Molly wants nothing to do with them.

Molly is a craftborn witch, more powerful than most, yet forced to hide her skills. She longs to be free: to sail her ship, protect her younger brother, and stay clear of scheming marketeers, the governor, an absent king and the guild.

But tension in the isles runs high. The years of plenty are fading and people are poor. Power is shifting, and freedom costs money.

When Molly steals a chest full of spells from the governor’s palace, his not-so-royal nephew steps in and a search begins.

Now, Molly needs to find out who is lying and who is telling the truth before the final battle destroys them all.
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Available in print or ebook from Amazon, or order from your favorite bookstore.
Title 2
SUNDER, ECLIPSE and SEED. She can enter dreams and travel the land, but can she stop a nightmare before it destroys the world?
Cover Image 2
Summary 2

Calyx can enter dreams and travel the land, but can she stop a nightmare before it destroys the world?

When Calyx's father banishes her to the dream temple at Aster, it’s an answer to her prayers for now she will be trained to watch and speak the dreams of others.

It’s a world she longs to join. As the youngest daughter of the lord of Briana, she is nothing like her vain sister or older brother who is too busy learning to be a soldier to notice their plain and frankly wild sister. Calyx alone is a jarak dreamer and until now it’s a secret she preferred to keep. Like the priests in the temples, she has dreams, true jarak dreams, and they are a gift of the gods.

But learning the ways of the Sumedaro priests is more difficult than she imagined and the world is changing.

Time is short and people everywhere are having the same shared dream and the north is growing cold.

While priests scheme and a jealous queen stands in her way Edishu, the gods own nightmare, longs to escape his prison and conquer Calyx through her dreams
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Available in print or ebook from Amazon, or order from your favorite bookstore.
Title 3
SUMMER LIGHT, A novel of Ancient Alaska, Book One.
Cover Image 3
Summary 3
On the frozen shores of Alaska’s distant past, the animal spirits speak and a young woman fights to answer their call.

“Anyone interested in Alaska’s Natives will find much to like in this book, and anyone interested in good, factually correct fiction will find it irresistible.” --Alaska Magazine

Elik was not like the others. She could not sew a seal skin with the tiny stitches that would make a kayak watertight, or set a trap as silently as drifting snow. But this she could do: She could sing the spirit songs, almost like a shaman.

To become a shaman and speak with the animal spirits is a dangerous and high calling for a woman born into a poor family with a selfish father and Elik longs for the chance to prove herself.

But to do that, she must first fight for a way to save her people and reach her destiny. Will the old shaman relinquish his claim? Will the spirits reveal their secrets before the harsh winter closes in?
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Available in paperback or ebook, online or order from your local bookstore.
Title 4
DAUGHTER OF THE SHAMAN, A Novel of Ancient Alaska, Book 2.
Cover Image 4
Summary 4
Elik’s quest to become a shaman continues in Book 2 as she leaves her home behind and travels with her husband on his own desperate attempt to revenge his father’s murder.

But Elik and her husband are soon separated, and she finds herself alone, first with Skinner, a useless, frightened man then suddenly with another, far different sort of person.

Kaviaq is a shaman, strong but kind, powerful but gentle, and filled with promises. He will teach her the ways of the shaman and with it the means to reach the spirits and save her new home from starvation.

But when her husband returns to claim his revenge, Elik is forced to decide between the past and future, and between the two men who claim her love.

When winter and the deepest cold arrive, will she find the truth behind the lies in time to save the people from starvation? Will she find the shaman voice inside her, and answer the animal spirits' call?
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Available online in paperback or ebook or order from your favorite local bookstore.


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