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 6:00 - 7:00pm 


Literary Agent

"Everything You Need to Know to Pitch Your Graphic Novel"

You have an awesome graphic novel idea that you want to make a reality--where do you go from there? What all do you need to pitch it? Should you write the entire thing and then try to find an agent? What about art? Are you supposed to draw the entire thing too? What if you aren't the artist? What if you don't even have an artist attached yet? This presentation will focus on the graphic novel pitching process, covering what you need in your graphic novel pitch packet as you search for your agent, and what to expect if you're the sole creator, or a writer only.

Cost: $15 AWG/RWA/SCBWI Members, $20 Non-Members


 5:00 - 6:00pm


Agent, The Prospect Agency

"Querying Dos and Don'ts"

Querying agents and editors is a nuanced skill. We'll go over the basics of how you should prepare to query, what you include in your query letter, and things you shouldn't do or include when querying. I'll also share query stories from some of my clients and break down a few examples of strong and weak query letters.

Cost: $15 AWG/RWA/SCBWI Members, $20 Non-Members

 6:30 - 8:00pm



"Fearless Writing; Because Everyone Has What it Takes"

Learning the craft is only the beginning of a writer’s journey. Most of the obstacles both beginning and experienced author’s face have less to do with finding a compelling opening or creating believable characters and more to do the many emotional challenges inherent in sharing our work with other people. In this half-day workshop we will shine a light on some of the dark questions about talent, intelligence, time, and money that haunt many writers. We will also provide tools to keep our attention where it needs to be to write what we most want to write. 

Cost: $15 AWG/RWA/SCBWI Members, $20 Non-Members


 9:00 - 10:00am  


Marketing Director, Smashwords

"An Introduction to Ebook Self-Publishing: How to Publish, Distribute and Sell Your Ebook" (beginners to intermediate)

It's easier to self-publish an ebook than you might imagine. No technical expertise is necessary. In this introductory, jargon-free primer to ebook self-publishing, we'll cover the basics. To set the foundation and explore the ebook publishing opportunity, the workshop begins by covering the top trends impacting the future of publishing. Next, you'll discover the advantages of ebook self-publishing. The workshop concludes with an ebook publishing checklist covering everything you need to know to get started, such as ebook formatting, metadata, pricing, distribution and more.

Cost: $15 AWG/RWA/SCBWI Members, $20 Non-Members

 11:00am - 12:00pm


Marketing Director, Smashwords

"The Secrets of Bestselling EBook Authors" (beginners to advanced)

While there is no such thing as a single, magic bullet to suddenly catapult your ebook onto the best seller lists, in this workshop we’ll reveal the best practices of the most successful self-published ebook authors. You'll learn how to self-publish with greater pride and professionalism. Simple, yet important strategies will be uncovered to help make your ebooks more accessible, more discoverable and more desirable to readers.

Cost: $15 AWG/RWA/SCBWI Members, $20 Non-Members

 1:00 - 2:00pm


Agent, the Bent Agency



"Ask Me Anything; the Agent-Author Relationship"

Ever wanted to know what grabs an agent's attention in first pages? Or what makes them sign one client, but not another? If you receive an offer of representation, which questions whould you ask? Once you sign, what sort of communication should you expect from your agent? What should the submissions process look like, both when trying to get an agent, and when your agent is submitting to publishers?

In this session, literary agent Louise Fury and her client, YA Author Dante Medema, will answer your burning questions about the Agent-Author relationship.

Cost: $15 AWG/RWA/SCBWI Members, $20 Non-Members

3:00pm - 4:30pm   WILLIAM KENOWER


"Fearless Marketing: Learning to love the process"

Most writers’ love of storytelling does not easily translate to marketing those stories once they are published. Unfortunately, authors are increasingly responsible for their own marketing, a task most writers find boring, irritating, depressing, and often fruitless. In this class, William Kenower will turn marketing on its head so that authors can take the skills and passion they have for writing and learn how to apply them to marketing.

Cost: $15 AWG/RWA/SCBWI Members, $20 Non-Members

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