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The Iron Writer

04 Apr 2013 7:09 AM | Bill Columbus (Administrator)

The Iron Writer Challenge is a flash fiction or poetry writing contest open to anyone. You do not have to be a ‘writer’ to participate. Currently there are no prizes for competing. Just bragging rights only. However, when this site has sufficient followers to support advertisements, the money received from those ads will be use to purchase as many prizes that I can dream of (and cover the cost of hosting). There may even be a yearly Iron Writer Superbowl!

This is how the challenge works:

For the Author:

Each week, four writers agree to compose a five hundred word story involving the same four elements. Please remember to give your story a title.

The stories can be in any genre except erotica.

The writers will not know what the four elements are prior to committing to the challenge.

There is a three day time limit to complete the story.

Each author retains full and complete copyright of their story submitted to The Iron Writer for this competition. However, it is understood each story will remain on this website indefinitely. The Iron Writer will not publish any submission outside this website without express permission from the author.


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